Course Presentation Text Formatting Issue

The drop downs in text editor within Course Presentation seem to be buggy. They don't seem to drop down consistently when clicked, instead they appear momentarily but it is not possible to select something on the menu. Screen recording here  

I hope this is helpful.

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Oh, that was an ugly one. Do you have the latest plugin and the latest content types? Which browser are you using?

Yes, latest plugin (Version 1.5.4) and using Chrome browser on a Windows PC

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Strange. This problem never happens for me. Does it always happen for you? Is it just in coursepresentation? Is it for all content types in course presentation?

It was very consistent a replicable on the day I posted, I'll do some more testing later and check if it is still happenning. 

I've been testing for the last 40 minutes and I can no longer replicate it. If it returns I'll document what I was doing prior to that. Thanks for your help.

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Ok, yeah, I actually hope that it will happen again soon, and we find the cause because it looked like a really serious problem once it started to occur.
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was a solution found? just started with h5p today and cannot change any text size, colour, etc.

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Hi, are you still experiencing this issue and does this happen all the time ?
Can you check your browser console for any error messages ?
What browser, version and device are you using ? Does this happen in different browsers and on different devices ?

- Thomas

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No, that just happened on that very day, could not reproduce it anymore so far.

Thanks for your swift response Thomas, Merry Xmas.

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Excellent, merry christmas :)

Let me know if you every experience anything like it again.

Can you tell me how you resolved it?


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I am not able to reproduce this bug. If anybody is experiencing this, can you please provide me with the following info:

  • Device 
  • Browser
  • Moodle theme
  • Error message in browser console (F12, pick console tab)

- Tom