Embed temporarily disabled

The embed function for test content on H5P.org has been disabled for a short amount of time due to large amounts of traffic. 

When using H5P for real you should either self host or use H5P.com. We know embedding from H5P.org is still used for more than just trying out H5P despite previous warnings, and previous periods of disabling like this one. We have to state again that H5P.org should not be used for hosting important content that is used for educational or any other purposes than just trying out H5P. The reason for this is quite obvious with the recent down time. H5P.org is running on low cost infrastructure. H5P.org's main purpose is to facilitate collaboration within the H5P community and promote H5P.

See getting started for how to self-host H5P content.

If you can't or won't self host you may consider H5P.com. H5P.com is a high-end service for creating and hosting H5P content. H5P.com funds the development of H5P (and scales automatically, so it handles much, much more traffic).

More information.