Christmas present for H5P users - H5P as periodic table

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Hi everyone

After I delivered a couple of days onsite H5P training for a University I realised I needed a simple way to visualise and communicate the large number of different H5P content types. So I came up with this idea:

As you can see it takes the periodic table of elements as inspiration, and I've tried to organise and group content types intelligently - although the positions of items may well change based on feedback from others - and that's what I would love to hear !

Feel free to embed in your own courses and use in any type of training you want - I'll be improving and updating it now and again as new ideas come to light !


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Hi Stu,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for creating this and sharing it with the community. This looks awesome and the definitions are on point.

A few things to consider editing:

  1. Audio and Audio Recorder are totally different content types. Audio is used to upload audio files and play it while Audio Recorder lets you record and download.
  2. Twitter user feed much like does not work anymore because Twitter has removed the API used by H5P.
  3. Iframe embedder although it still works is not actively being developed by the core team and it is not available in the HUB. The content type does not have accessibility features and it is not responsive.

Some typo:

  1. Agamotto - tinelapse and electrinc
  2. Image Hotspots - skelton
  3. Image Sequencing - laregest
  4. Drag and Drop - Ohe of the advantages...
  5. Virtual Tour - opertaing
  6. True/False - creast very simple questin s(suitable...
  7. Drag the Words - litertaure
  8. Multiple Choice - knowlwdge
  9. Accordion - highky 
  10. Summary - teahcers 
  11. Chart - chossing
  12. Timeline - Timeslines

Overall it is a unique and fun way of presenting the list of contents. It is definitely a million times better than having a regular 'list' with links. 9/10 and will be 10/10 after the edits to the typo ;-)

Note: I moved the post to the Showcases forum.


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Thanks so much BV !

1. Thanks for picking up on the typo's - they are all fixed now :-)

2. I've also made the Twitter User Feed,, and IFrame Embedder visually different - so it's more obvious they are no longer supported. I orignally included them as they still show as content types when adding new content - apart from iFrame Embedder, which is still shown at - might be good to have a note there about no further development?

It seem approriate to leave them in here for historical reasons for now, and remove them at some point in the future.

3. I couldn't find any docuimentation for Audio content type (no page here So for now I've added the basic description.

4. I didn't post this to Showcases initially, because this isn't really showing any 'functionality'. I felt the post sat better in the Content Creation Forum as it relates directly to questions such as "Which content type should I use?"

Stu :-)

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Hi Stu,

1. 10/10 ;-)

2. I've requested the page for Iframe Embedder to be removed. I've also requested from the core team to remove the other 2 from the list.

3. I guess since there really isn't much to describe/explain about  Audio the core team decided not to create a documentation. Also the best way I've seen authors use audio is in Column and Course Presentation. Usually they will use audio for a phrase/sentence/paragraph then it is coupled with another activity like true/false.

4. Good point! Although your work also showcases how Course Presentation can be used. I also thought that since the Showcase forum have less posts compared to the others it will stay on the first page longer ;-)


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Yes, it's always good to do a little "spring cleaning" of those pages now and again ;-)

I see your point about Audio content type, and agree it will most likely be used within other content types. But it could be used standalone in some situations, and as it is a separate content type then it does deserve it's own (basic) documentation page.

Yes, I had to 'play around' quite a bit to get this working the way I wanted it (I could have made it in Hype quicker), but it makes far more sense to actually do it in H5P so people can "see the potential" of Presentation, and share and use it :-). As long as people will be able to find it I'm happy with your decision on where to place it.

Have a great Christmas and New Year break BV !

Stu :-)

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Here is my work inspired from stuartrmealor's work.

As I train academicians on how to use H5P, I started building various ways to display content types separating them in variety of categories.  Based on stuartrmealor's work I started building as periodic table style too and recently updated with latest content types too !


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Hi !

Your version is nice too :-)

However, the link to my work does not seem correct, and simply links back to your version ?

The correct link would be:

Thanks :-)

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Thank you Stuart Mealor for letting me know. 

Now updated.

Thank you!

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Thank you! for noticing, sorry for that.

Now corrected and updated.

Thank you once again!

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Thanks !  :-)

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Hi all!

I wonder if, Informationen Wall could be suitable for the purpose of this content. You tell me, please! I just assume the search box that can filter/search for keywords might be useful here.



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Hi Oliver

I'm not quite sure what you are asking sorry ?

PS - I was looking at your H5P Advent Calendar. It is show on gthe main H5P website Examples and Downloads page ( however it does not appear in the list of content types on whenI try and add one ?

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Hi Stu,

Advent Calendar is not yet available in There are also other content types that are not available these are listed in this page.


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I was wondering if the Information Wall content type could be useful for the purpose of what the "periodic table" tries to do: List information on something.

Hi Stuart

Thanks for creating this resources.

Has the link to the periodic table been replaced with a new link?

The H5P content on this elearning world page doesn't seem to be working.

Kind regards


Here's the updated link to the periodic table resource

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Hi Todd

Unfortunately the price rises on are too much for us - considering how little we use the facility.

So the period table exmaple has been moved to its new home: