Custom functionality for "If then" feature



I am looking for any developer who could help with creating the option for assigning a category/ topic to any question. 

An individual score could be given or hidden from the user per category/ topic after the task is completed. 


I also would like to add a recommend or mandatory content based on that information. 

Help creating custom functionality
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Hi Matt!

That's something that doesn't necessarily have to go into the core of H5P, but it sounds like something that would need to go into the H5P plugin(s) or into a separate plugin for the platform that you're using - the latter seems the best candidate, because your requirements sound quite specific and the H5P core team might not be okay with adding something like that to their plugins.

While 1) the extra category is probably a straightforward implementation for any H5P capable platform (done something similar for WordPress before) and 2) the score per category is probably just a matter of clarifying where to display the score (Regular user score? Separate menu item? Info inside the post/page the H5P content is included in? ...), I am not sure if all the host systems are well suited for 3) the "recommendation/branching". This sounds course-ish, and WordPress and Drupal are rather single-post/page-ish in contrast to moodle. Would probably be doable, but UX might be weird, or you'd need plugins such as LearnDash or WPLMS that offer some extra functionality, but may require some extra knowledge about them.

Summing up, I am not sure if prospect coders will already have enough information in order to judge what it would take to implement the solution.




Thank is there an area to find individual that can help with this project?  I am currently using learndash and am not a programmer or developer so I don't know where to start. 


Thank you





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Hi Matt,

Developers who have experience with H5P will see this post and if they are up for the task they may contact you.


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Hi Matt!

If you're considering to hire someone, you could reach out to Patrick Kellogg. He has already created a plugin for WordPress that allows to control learner progression, cmp. Don't forget to say hello for me :-)

I am also available as an IT freelancer for H5P/WordPress related work. Feel free to have a look at the SNORDIAN website.

You could also check out the official page of H5P service providers.

Patrick should probably be your first stop, because while I am quite confident that I know more about H5P that him, he definitely knows more about LearnDash than I do. But still, I'm absolutely open for discussing options.



I will reach out to Patrick and say hi for you. If he passes on the job, I will come back to you Oliver. 



Thank you!