H5P-Moodle plugin; Allow only x attempts

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I would like to see an feature where you could specify the maximum number of attempts that student can complete H5P-plugin material, like it is possible to do in f.ex. Quiz-activity with setting "Attempts allowed" "unlimited-10"

There should be also an feature to add a user override like in Quiz so if you have only 1 attempt by default you could add one or more attempts to a specific user.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we'll let you know when it has been reviewed and prioritized in the feature request list.

Any news on that?

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Hi mygesc,

I wish I have good news but no one has taken on this project yet.


I agree - this is needed in order to use H5P learning objects as tests/assessments. It would be great to be able to limit attempts to one. It would also be good to specify what score the Moodle gradebook should record - the first score, or the highest score. 

That would be great! 


This is a related feature request. 

I agree with comments made by akaskens 

Hello everyone,

We would like to know if there is any chance to restrict attempts for H5P content.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find anything reasonable.

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Hi Alyssau,

I'm afraid this is not possible within the features of the H5P contents.


I am trying to limit the number of attempts on a one-question H5P activity in Canvas. Is this setting available yet? I can limit the number of attempts using the Canvas assignment setting, but it doesn't work on the H5P LTI content. In other words, if I limit to 1 Canvas attempt, the student still has unlimited H5P attempts (if that makes sense).

This seems like a common sense feature that should be available.