Some Youtube Videos not playing in iOs

Hello everybody

I have the following problem. Since the last update, there are problems with interactive videos on iOs. I'm using drupal 7. Some of the youtube videos, specialy those from us artists are not showing up on iOs. As long as i embed the same videos in a drupal node, it ist working. In h5p video and interactive video it is not working.

On Slide 3/4/5 the videos are working on macbook, windows and android, but not on actual iOs.

Other Videos are working:

Slide 2 ist working.

Does anybody knows about any restrictions from youtube?

Thanks for answering.

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Hello everybody

i just added two examples directly on the h5p site. interactive Video interactive Video in a course presentation.

Both of them have the effect on iOs, that everything shows up, but as soon as you hit the play button, the message "This Video is not available" (In German Dieses Video ist nicht verfügbar) shows up. This is in Switzerland. I'm wondering, if it has something to do with monetized videos? Some videos are working, as you see in the previous post.

Thank you for helping me.

Greetings from Switzerland - Gabriel

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The reason is that the format you're using for your videos ".webm" is not supported in Safari, ref: and

To support Safari users you can for instance transcode your videos to a format that is supported by Safari, see their supported formats in their documentation.


Actually, I asked another question. I had to rewrite the course presentations. There are always an mp4 and a webm Video. But ... interactive Video interactive Video in a course presentation.

Both of thes nodes ar an h5p. These youtube-VIdeos are not playing on iOS. Do you know why?

Thank you. Kind regards Gabriel

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The YouTube video is also using the '.webm' format, which is why they wont play on iOS. To show them for Safari users the owner of the video would have to upload a supported format to YouTube.

Best regards, Thomas

We are also seeing this error in the H5P activity, but not on the embedded YouTube video in Moodle. If the YouTube video format of .webm is the issue, why does it play on iOS Safari when outside the context of the H5P activity? Thank you!