H5P and Moodle - New Install, no interactive video

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I am working on setting up a new Moodle instance (version 3.1) with H5P. I downloaded and installed the H5P plugin for Moodle 3.1 from the Plugin repo (https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_hvp). I have the H5P hub enabled in the settings.

When I add an H5P activity and then search for content types, I only see 4: Course presentation, Drag the words, Dialog Cards, and Audio Recorder. I would like to be able to use the interactive video tool. I have looked into libraries, but can't seem to find where to get them on the website.

How do I create/install this content type on my Moodle instance? 

Thank you,

Jedidiah Rex

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I think that I have figured out how to get the Interactive Video content type into my Moodle. I had to download an example from this page: https://h5p.org/interactive-video, and then upload the file into my Moodle instance in the H5P settings. Once I did so it install 52 libraries. 

This process was not intuitive. I am still curious as to why only four content types were initially appearing in the list.

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Hi rexj,

I'm glad you found the other way to install the libraries. Normally a fresh install will not include any libraries but it will show you all the contents ready to be downloaded. I can only assume that you may not be logged in as the administrator when you where trying to create the contents. Course creators and Teachers by default can add the libraries by downloading a sample from the site and uploading them but not through the hub.

I hope this answers your question if you have any additional questions feel free to post in the forums.


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Thank you, BV52.

I was loggedin as a teacher which explains why I saw, or didn't see what I didn't see.


I was having the same issue here: interactive video was not installing on my moodle when I clicked GET on that particular Content Typw, even though all other types were working.

So, I followed your sugestion (downloaded an example and upload on the H5P editor). 21 libraries were installed and 13 updated. Problem solved: Interactive Videos are now available :-)


Hi guys, I am also facing the same issue.. Installed H5P just fine and also can see other interactive content types except for interactive video..
Can you please help?

Moodle 3.5.1+ (Build: 20180727)


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Hi tabwebcoder,

You first need to make sure that you are logged in as an admistrator. If you are the admin try downloading and uploading the sample content from the link above.