Html content on the description line



I would like to use HTML on the description line to feature a link on each answer popup. When wirting html the final result will not work as html.

Is this possible? I've tried many things but was not able to find the solution.


Content types: 
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Hi andresb,

This is not possible. To make the authoring tool as simple as possible and to make sure that no one uses it to insert malicious code which could lead to security risk.


Understand your point

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I don't think it is impossible, as H5P content types use text fields that allow HTML markup in many places. However, the memory game semantics don't allow HTML markup in this case, so all HTML tags are filtered out. If you change the semantics.json file of Memory Game and also change how the content type displays the description, it should be possible.

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Hi all!

Let's rather replace '"change" the semantics file' with '"override" the semantics file' by using the alter_semantics hook as described at