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when I put a Find the word field on my website it is cut of if it is wider than 7 letters. How can I change that?

Could I shrink the thingy?

Best regards


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Hi Jantje,

Find the Words is a community contributed content type. I suggest that you report this directly to the developer through his Git repository.


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I have tried to contact Jithin some time ago, but he seems to be completely unavailable :-/ I fear no work is done on his content types anymore, and he's not even answering pull-requests.



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Thank you for the info Oliver. I guess I have to bring this up with the H5P core team if it is possible for them to take over the development of this content type.


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It wouldn't be just that one, but also Image Sequencing and Image Pairing.

However, I wouldn't want the H5P core team to create precedents though. They simply cannot take responsibility for any content type that someone isn't interested in anymore. Just imagine Automattic would (have to) do that for WordPress plugins 8-\

It's a bad situation! I'd love a community discussion about this topic right here.



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It's not visible for a simple user if a certain content type is a community contributed or from the H5P core team. 


Maybe it should be, this way a user could use it with this notion.


I guess it’s a matter of trust. If a content type with strong use can not be supported and the users doesn’t know its not from the H5P core team it might hurt H5P trust as a strong tool.


With a wordpress plugin from a 3rd part we know it might be discontinued, or loose support, but we trust the wordpress core and the continuity.


Anyway in some cases where this might happen, and if that certain content is a powerfull one with lots of users, the H5P core team should evaluate it…


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Hi Jose!

The contributor information is actually there already, but not very visible.

On, you can see who submitted a content type (

Contributor information on

In some cases, there's also some hint in the text ( Of course, that doesn't help much, because this information is quite hidden. Also, people don't visit this page when they choose a content type.

Explicit hint to contributor

In the H5P Content Type Hub, there is also some piece of contributor information. When you have a look at the content type details, you can find the contributor right below the content type's title (H5P-Hub-details-owner-information-old.png). Again, quite hidden and probably not clear enough what that field is supposed to be.

Missing "by" prefix for contributor information

I already filed a pull request last week to change that bit of information slightly. If accepted by the H5P core team, a "by" note will preceed that field (H5P-Hub-details-owner-information-new.png).

Contributor information in content type details view

I just amended that pull request. If accepted by the H5P core team, the contributor information will be visible right away whenever you choose a content type - it's added behind the content type's title in the list that you choose a content type from (H5P-Hub-overview-owner-information-new.png). There are probably many ways to add that piece of information, but I chose the way that content contributor information will be displayed in the upcoming H5P OER Hub to keep the Hub consistent.

Contributor information behind content type title

So, H5P then has at least the same amount of contributor information that people get when installing a WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. I am not convinced, however, that this little detail is the decisive factor. Maybe there's more that could help to make it clear that the H5P Hub is populated by content (types) from the H5P core team and the community?

@BV: Since the files that I changed will be updated shortly anyway when the H5P OER Hub is released, could you please make the H5P core team extra aware of this pull request that I already attached to the "content hub" branch that's currently worked on?

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Hi Jose,

In addition to the information and possible improvements outlined by otacke the core team has also made an overview page here. The plan is to include that information both on on the content type pages and in the content type hub but the core team developers have been very busy for a long time so haven't had the time to implement support for that yet.

I agree that making it very clear what the maintainance status is for the content types is an important first step. Both as a status set by the current maintainer (or the core team) and also as stats on things like when was the last commit, how fast are requests from users related to the content type answered, when was the last release etc.

Thank you for all the background information.

I switch the exercise to otacke's crosswordpuzzle instead. From a teachers point I think that will work to.

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Hi Jante!

Great to hear! I hope that the H5P core team will find some time to review Crossword, so it's available a little easier vie tha H5P Hub - but I guess you also succeeded with downloading the sample content from my website and uploading it to your platform?


Same problem with TImeline, last update five years ago.

I believe the problem is actually somewhat self-made. Usually for an Open Source project, people lose interest after a while and it goes stale. That is completely normal, but anyone can at that point take it over and continue (either privately or publically). And if that does not happen, then the whole project just disappears.

In the case of H5P, however, we have a whole bunch of projects and only some are stale. And then you have the policy that pull requests aren't automatically accepted. At this point a stale project has no way back, but it also will not disappear.

So the obvious solution is to have a core project and many plugins - like Wordpress. And there cannot be a "ask before pull request" policy for those projects that aren't maintained anymore. You have got to either release them into the wild or keep them, but then also support them.

Hi Jantje

Have you disabled the vocabulary list? I did that and found the same/similar problem, with the right border missing. I managed to find a fix though...