Interactive video format not supported


I'm using an interactive video - which clearly states that it surpports Vimeo - however when I copy over the URL - I get an unknown format.  Anyone else know how to fix this?


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hi - vimeo is not supported ,  Anyone know why?

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Hi janne.butcher,

This page should explain why this is not working and how to make it work ;-)



thanks for the thread - the page looked promising.  I was able to bring over the High Def Link, and then it accepted the source, however I still get a big black Video Format not supported.  any ideas?

Hello BV, same issue here.

I have a Vimeo Pro account and I followed all the steps here.

I got my direct link to the mp4 file, as in this picture:


This is the link:

My H5P plugin on Moodle could recognize immediately the mp4 format (see picture)


But when I start to add interaction to my video I get a "Video format not supported" error, like this.


I also tried to use set privacy on Vimeo allowing everybody to access and to embed the video (usually I use private links and I limit embedding possibilities to the domains of my University). Nothing changed.


Any suggestion?

Thank you very much!




PS: I interacted with this old post because I can not access the forum or the comments on the page on Documentation. I can log in to my profile, but the website logs me out every time I change page...

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It seems that vimeo is not giving out the direct link anymore, but only a preliminary one. If you open it in your browser, it will forward you to which is the direct link that you can use. I am not entirely sure though that this is a "stable" link that will be valid indefinitely.



Thank you very much for your answer.

Vimeo is still producing these links:


However, when you paste them into your browser, they change the way you noticed. I suppose this is normal and unrelated to the issue.

Also using these "second step" links in my interactive video I cannot solve the problem.

Any idea?

Many thanks!



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I don't have any trouble using the resolved links, see for



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Hi daniele,

I can confirm what Oliver mentioned, I can also use all 3 links that you provided without any issues.


Hello, thank you very much for your answers. It seems that the bug (probably a missing plugin or some too restrictive permissions) is inside our Moodle installation.

I tried again and I succeeded using the file on sandbox, while everything remain the same on my Moodle. Please have a look to the demonstration:

I will involve our IT department to better understand what is happening. Now I'll challenge the BIG issue... H5P and MS Stream... (answer: not possible).

Thank you very much to all!