Tracking progress in Learndash LMS (Wordpress)

I am using H5P Course Presentation modules in LearnDash LMS in Wordpress to create a course.

As I progress through the slides (H5P module) the LearnDash content progress bar stays at 0%.

Does anyone know if there is any way to intagrate the H5P modules so that the progress is displayed?  

Content types: 
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Hi MeekaDigital,

I'm not 100% sure but H5P content types generates xAPI statements once the "trigger" is met. LearnDash does not know yet if you are interacting with the content until this trigger is met. In the case of Course Presentation the trigger is when you reach the summary slide. Then I again I may be mistaken since I do not have access to LearnDash and no way of actually testing this.


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Hi all!

AFAIK, LearnDash doesn't handle the xAPI statements on its own but requires another plugin:


Hi, there is no direct integration between LearnDash and H5P content. Also, LearnDash does not support xAPI out of the box. You need a plugin like GrassBlade xAPI Companion to integrate H5P Content and LearnDash.

GrassBlade xAPI Companion supports all the H5P content types that send a completed statement at the end of the content. This means, when you complete the added H5P Content on lesson/topic/quiz [added via GrassBlade xAPI Companion], it will mark complete the LearnDash lesson/topic/quiz automatically in the background. 

Learn more:

If the content is added on LearnDash Quiz, it will pass the score to the LearnDash reports. To get answers submitted to H5P quiz questions, you need GrassBlade LRS as well.

You can test H5P Content with LearnDash LMS and GrassBlade xAPI Companion here on GrassBlade demo:

I hope this response will help you as well as others in the community.