Interactive Video - Disable Summary and Show Solution Options

Hello I am creating interactive videos (example here: and I have two questions.

1 - I would like to disable the question summary pages that appears at the end of the video(yello star). Is this possible?

2 -  I am adding question response feedback and i would like to reveal the question feedback when the "Show Solution" options is selected. Right now it only shows what option is correct but i would like it to show both which option is correct AND it's corresponding feedback. Is this possible?


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Hi belindabp,

1. Yes this is possible. Just highlight the submit screen indicator on the left of the star icon and click on the "x".

2. I assume we are talking about multiple choice. This is not possible although there is a workaround that you can use. Instead of having the feedback only on the correct answer place the same feedback. Editing a few words in it basically to explain why the answer is inccorrect.

Note: I've attached a screenshot of the removal of submit screen and my suggestion for the feedback in incorrect answers.


I would also like to remove the summaries from interactive videos, and this no longer seems to be possible. Is there some kind of workaround to automatically skip the summary or something along those lines? There is no purpose to having a summary in my interactive videos, because it's just being used to jump through timecodes of the video.

Perhaps would using a different type of interactivity solve this?


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Hi tortilaman,

As I mentioned above it is possible to remove the submit screen by following the steps I provided. Here is an example of an IV that does not have this.


I am trying to follow your directions, but my video does not have anything to highlight to the left of the star.  This is where the video stops and the summary comes up.  It is not even the end of the video.

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Hi produhktiv,

I think this short video may be of some help. If you are still encountering the problem I suggest that you attach your content here.


i'm new doing using h5p

i'm trying to make to the quz for an interactive video, no to show results.. the quiz show results and when stundets have to retry the test  they know de solutions,  how can i fix this??



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Hi bpons!

In the behavioral settings underneath the video, you can override the "show solution" button for all subcontents or you can do the same individually in the subcontents respective settings.



I found where I can set a video to start at a specific time point, is there a way to end a video before the end. Example. I have a 10 minute youtube video but only want my students to watch from 2:30 to 8:29 of the video and not all the way to the end.
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Hi rbrookhart,

I'm afraid this feature is not available.


It took me a while to find the option to turn off the summary screen.
Maybe this will help someone. In your interactive video activity in the second tab (step 2: Add interactions) at the end of the video scrub bar there is a star.  If a summary has been set up previously (probably the default), click on the star and a tool tip will pop up.  In the tool tip you will see your summary screen listed, click on that and a second tooltip will pop up above the time in the video scrub bar at which time the summary should pop up. You have to find it quickly because it will disappear and click on the x to delete the summary.