H5P and Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is right around the corner and it would be noce to have the H5P module ported so Drupal 8 users can use H5P. There is now a Drupal Module Upgrader script that runs a script to upgrade Drupal 7 modules, it writes all the boilerplate code upgrades whatever it can and provides a report on what it couldn't do automatiaclly, that would be a big head start to whomever wants to do this (I am a designer not a PHP developer, so not me :) ). 

Question is, should the Drupal 8 version look and work the same as the Drupal 7 version? I would suggest that there could be a few key changes leveraging some of the new features of Drupal 8. 

The most critical of these would be the possibility of  instantiating new entity types in Drupal itself for each H5P library. One way to do this would be to leverage the block plugin system. In this implementation the module would create a block type for each H5P library it finds in H5P libraries which would then show up in the block layout UI. To make it simpler for end users the module could also still create a node-type for H5P, but the node would be able to display one or more H5P blocks by leveraging views or possibly entity embed module.

Alternately H5Ps might be an entirely different kind of entity that could display as either a node or a block. Paragraphs module in Drupal 8 has done something somewhat like this.

Either way the end-user needs that would be served are:

  • I want to easily create an H5P page with more that one H5P on it.
  • I want to be able to place a block in the sidebar or other region with an H5p in it (eg. twitter feed)
  • I want to easily be able to create a view of H5Ps of a specific type (or even better, have the module generate views of each type automatiaclly)

Which AFAICT you can't do now in the D7 version without having to install additional modules.

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Thank you for the feedback!

We're planning on doing a port this autumn, and we're definitively looking into improving the integration as well, but we also have a limited amount of time we can spend on this initially. It might be that we'll have to create an 8.2 version later with entity support and more.

I'm not sure about extra features but would LOVE to see H5P module for Drupal 8.

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Me too! :) Any help on making this happen is very much welcomed :)

Wondering if there is a time line on deployment of this?