Error using H5P Editor Interactive Video on the Moodle mobile app



I am experiencing an issue when viewing certain content videos on the Moodle mobile app. The H5P activities seem to work fine via the browser but I am receiving an error when I try to access them on the mobile app:


"Missing dependency H5PEditor Color Selector 1.3 required by H5P Editor Interactive Video 1.24".


No update is available on the site to update the H5PEditor Color Selector. I also have failed to find a .H5P file of H5PEditor Color Selector 1.3 with which I can manually add to the site via uploading the library in:  Plugins > Activity modules > H5P > H5P Libraries


The currently installed versions of H5PEditor Color are 1.0.3 , 1.2.7 and 1.3.1.


Can you please offer any advice if adding H5PEditor Color Selector 1.3 would fix this error message and allow the content to be displayed on the mobile app and if so, how I can add it?


Also, are certain types of .H5P content only compatible with specific versions of the H5PEditor Color Selector and the H5P Editor Interactive Video?


Moodle 3.11.6+ (Build: 20220318)


Many thanks,


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Hi Jonathan,
why are you asking for the solution to a moodle mobile app problem here? That doesn't make sense to me directly?
Since moodle has gone its own way with the integration of H5P, the appropriate moodle support would be a better place to start.

btw: To show your problems and help with a possible solution, please show us the problematic H5P file. A screenshot can't help to follow this up.


Hi Villon,

My questions are specifically around H5P content.

Are certain types of .H5P content only compatible with specific versions of the H5PEditor Color Selector and the H5P Editor Interactive Video?

I cannot find a .H5P file of H5PEditor Color 1.3. No update is available. Would you know where I can find it? 



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Hi Jon874,

bist du schon mal auf die Idee gekommen, deine Fehlermeldung buchstabengenau in eine Suchmaschine einzugeben? Dahinter verbirgt sich sogar eine Lösung, die hier im Forum zu finden ist.

Have you ever thought of typing your error message into a search engine? There is even a solution behind it, which can be found here in the forum.



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Hi Jon874,

Forumssuche soll helfen. Gib mal deinen Fehlercode in die Suchmaske ein, dann siehst du was ich meine.

Oder du landest hier:

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Just a reminder that this is an English-speaking forum. Please stick to posting in English.

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Dass das so strikt gesehen wird, war mir nicht bekannt. Aber bedenke auch bitte, dass ich mir Mühe gebe, Menschen zu antworten, die sich nicht mal die Mühe einer Forumssuche machen und deren Texte für mich übersetze, damit ich deren Probleme nach bestem Wissen beantworte. Außerdem war es gestern Abend spät, als ich die Antwort schrieb,

I was not aware that this was seen so strictly. But please also remember that I make an effort to answer people who don't even bother to do a forum search and translate their texts for me so that I can answer their problems to the best of my knowledge. Besides, it was late last night when I wrote the answer, 

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And papi jo btw, I see no rules about the spoken language.

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Hi All,

Thank you for your input. I'm am closing this thread since we are going off topic. To the OP please reopen a new thread if you need further assistance.