Getting Started for Non-Technical people

Hi there, 

We are an online course provider who uses a lot of video. H5P is ideal for us and we're very keen on using it. We have over 500 videos to create so before we make the final committemnt I have a few questions that mostly relate to video. 

1. What is possible in terms of recording results of H5P, we have university clients who like a level of reporting. 

2. Can the "download / embed" button be switched off? We want to pevent the easy download of our content.   

3. I see there is a Drupal and Wordpress option - what is the status of the Moodle plugin? Is there a solution we can use in the meantime 

4. Finding a developer. Is there a way we can seek a developers assistance in setting up our HP5 within an LMS type or framework?

5. If we used Vimeo Pro on Wordpress, where does the actual content sit. As in do the videos remain on Vimeo's servers? 

6. Are there any suggestions for how we can record and report if a video has been watched in entirety?  

If people would prefer us to ask these questions individually please let us know. The answers will help us make some final decisons and get started.  Thanks in advance. 


Hi James,

I think that I can adress a few of your concerns :

  1. H5P results are recorded for registered users. H5P plugins include simple results tracking : start time, stop time, score and max score per user per H5P are stored. They may be displayed for authors and individual registered users. But to get better input, as H5P generates xAPI statements (a sort of Scorm but apparently better), you can plug it into a LRS, Learning Locker for instance : Two plugins are being developed to help you do that. You can have a look at this page : 
  2. The download / embed button can be switched off through the plugin's admin in the H5P settings.
  3. There is a Drupal (doc here : and a Wordpress plugin ( A Moddle plugin is being developed but no date of release yet (see here :
  4. I think that you may get in touch with Joubel ( : they develop H5P and also provide H5P related consultancy services, which includes development, design and advisory.

I have no clue as to points 5 and 6 - I'll let H5P devs asking to those ;)



Hi Isabelle, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. That information is extremely helpful and will certainly assist in decision making. 

Something like Learning Locker with an LMS WP templat could be the solution we are after. 

Thanks again 


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Great answers by Isabelle :)

#5: Will remain on Vimeo servers
#6: If you include the summary Interactive Video will trigger an xAPI completed event when the summary is done. In future versions there will probably be completion options so that the event for instance may be triggered on a specified time at the end of the video (shouldn't be required to see the credits to get the completed status)


Hi Svein-Tore, 

Thank you for your speedy and helpful answers.