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I would like to be able to hide the number of cards when there is only one.
Sometimes I use 2 dialog cards side by side and having "card 1/1" underneath is annoying. 

hide numbers of cards in dialog cards
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You write "I use 2 dialog cards side by side" What do you mean exactly by "side by side"? Could you please post a screenshot and/or an example of your Dialog Cards activity with only one pair of cards? What is the pedagogical motivation for this kind of activity containing only one pair of cards?

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I am not the pedagogic one on this projet, just the guy who put things on the app. ˆˆ'

They ask me to remove the card 1/1 text for every interaction. 

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OK, never mind the pedagogical aspect. I'm still wondering how technically you can have 2 (pairs of) cards side by side as on your attached screenhot. Are you using a hacked version of the regular H5P Dialog Cards activity? Could you post that sample H5P file here?

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They are 2 different interactions because I don't think you can put the cards side by side (this option is also missing, by the way). I put them in div block.


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OK, thanks for the explanation!

Hello MmeLorelei - I'm trying to do exactly the same as you! Did you ever find out a way to remove the "card 1 of 1" label?

Also - I am trying to position dialogue cards side by side. Would it be possible for you to post the HTML code you used to achieve this please?

Thanks for your help :-)