Moodle: Only integer value as maximum grade supported (no decimal values)

Platform and version number: Moodle 3.8.1
Browser: any
H5P plugin version: 1.20.2
H5P content type: any


we need to set the maximum grade of some H5P activities to a decimal value, such as 1.33. 

But it's not working. Only the integer values work. 

I'd love to see this fixed. 

I've crossposted this also on the Moodle forums:

Thank you & kind regards

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Hi Phililpp,

This is not a bug but instead a lack of the feature. I have moved the post to the Feature Request forum.


Hi BV, 

thank you!


Hello, sorry to bring up this old post but I'm needing to address this but in the opposite. I have a few Multiple Choise Questions through out the interactive and I am needing to report a integer (rouded up preferably) rather than a decimal so that getting 1 out of three reports 33% rather than 33.333. 

I looked for and have searched for a setting to adjust this within the interactive and the LMS (BrightSpace), but have not found a method to do so.


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Hi George,

This is a Brightspace setting not H5P. I did found this page with instructions on how to not have decimal places. What I can't determine is if this rounds up, down or follow the rounding off rules.


Thank you so much, I figured so I just thought I would a least ask around.