Smart Import

I've just watched the advertorial video from about this new feature - very impressive!

I'd like to request that this feature is made available to users on

As an alternative what about a subscription type on that just allows creation and export of content for a single author, no students.

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That would be great. Especially to go all in one go and not via the detours ChatGPT, nolej or others. 



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From the status update that was released at the same time as the release update:

For those of us hosting H5P ourselves the AI tools will initially be less available as it is part of and uses tools and technologies that are not possible to self host. We are considering making it possible to subscribe to them from a self hosted plugin in the future. Initially those of us who self host and would like to use Smart Import would either shift to using H5P via LTI from or create the content on and download it as an .h5p file. The .h5p file can then be uploaded to the self hosted H5P server.

Esta disponible ya el pluging de moodle con Smart Import?

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Hi alehgonzalez,

The Smart Import feature is not yet available for the Moodle plugin. 


A new subscription type on for just smart import is an excellent idea. I would happily pay a monthly or annual fee for the features in the release video.


I would like the AI to also create exercises like:


Find Multiple Hotspots

Find the Hotspot

Picture pairing

Image Sequencing

Memory Game

Is this planned?



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I suggest that you reach out to's Customer success team by sending an email to [email protected]. They will have more details regarding Smart Import.


ok thanks


I'm testing H5P with the 30 days trial , is this feature available ?  I don't see it in the menus

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Hi Ivan,

We are happy to hear that you are interested in the new Smart Import feature.

Candidly, Smart Import is not enabled by default as it is an upgrade opportunity for all customers. We would love to provide more details! 

To learn more about this amazing new feature, please head over to this page and then click "Book Demo."