Unable to integrate H5P with our Video Player - help needed

Hello, we are building a fully online Bible school and leadership program that will have over 2000 active students. It will be launched in 2024. The platform we will use is Moodle. We are based in Brazil. We were in the process of hiring a strong company in the online video hosting sector, which integrates well with Moodle. The name of the company is JMVStream (https://jmvstream.com/). They provide copy protection, download prevention, and encryption.


We tried using H5P for video within Moodle, but it wasn't possible. 

I would greatly appreciate some help. I want to know if there's a way to integrate and solve this issue, either with H5P or JMV.


I'll paste the embedded video here so you can run some tests:


<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen;" allowfullscreen class="jmvplayer" frameborder="0" src="https://player.jmvstream.com/ThBf2GsQ1vktSFFKFenmjmw6OHAp5s/82y684fkh9vcj97" width="640" height="360"></iframe>

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Hi Matheus,

You cannot use an embed code for the Interactive Video, I also check if the URL: https://player.jmvstream.com/ThBf2GsQ1vktSFFKFenmjmw6OHAp5s/82y684fkh9vcj97 will be accepted but unfortunately it isn't. You need to reach out to JMVStream and ask them if they provide the URL of the video. Please make sure that you are clear that you are not asking for the URL of the video player but instead where the video is located.


Hello, thank you for your reply.

I have contacted 2 large companies that host videos, including Moodle oriented. However, they use copy security and encryption levels. Because of this, as far as I understand, there is no URL that leads directly to where the video is stored in .mp4, for example. One of the companies even has a URL that leads to another .m3u8 format, but when trying to do the moodle + h5p + .m3u8 url integration it did not work. 


I am very hard pressed. I need to have interactivity in my videos within Moodle. The proposal that the Vimeo company provided us is out of the question, 10.000usd/year, being that we are a non-profit organization, with courses that will be sold for only 6usd to give you an idea.


Please help me think of a solution. I may have to give up the security against downloading the videos.


One of the companies told me the following:

"I understand, can you pass us through here all the ways of integration that exist over there? We can try to think of a solution here, none of these possibilities worked for you, right? It would also be interesting to analyze there if there is a way to implement a WebView there or something like that, to support our Iframe (Embed)."


Please, help me!


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Hi Matheus,

With regards to: "I understand, can you pass us through here all the ways of integration that exist over there? We can try to think of a solution here, none of these possibilities worked for you, right? It would also be interesting to analyze there if there is a way to implement a WebView there or something like that, to support our Iframe (Embed).". I don't think this is possible in the short term, since what they are asking would require for a new content type rather than just making changes to Interactive Video. I'm afraid the only solution possible is to have access to the source URL of the video.


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Depending on the service and its feature set, creating a new handler for the service could suffice which is not that complicated.

Given that a pull request for supporting another service (nanoo.tv) has been pending for over 2.5 years without anybody reviewing it, similarly a pull request for adding HLS support waiting for over 1.5 years, I fear that there's a bottleneck that one could not get around even if one provided the code.

Hi Oliver, I'm following those 2 Pull Requests for some months now, and don't understand why they seems to be frozen.
As I'm not a developper, I can't do much but is there anything I can do to restart the code review ? Who is "in charge" of it ?
My public organization in education field is using Peertube as video provider, and this great open source plateform only give access to urls that H5P dosen't support right now. Those PR would help a lot.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Eric!

I am not part of the H5P core team, so I am probably not the right person to ask these questions.

I can confirm that pull requests often take a long time to be handled (I have created more than 100 myself that are still open). Sometimes they are ignored completely and the same thing then done anew by the H5P core team after years. Sometimes they get merged. I can sadly also confirm that one hardly ever gets a response on pull requests on github even when mentioning someone from the H5P core team.

Partially that's because one should pre-qualify pull requests first in order to be sure that the feature or fix is actually wanted (see https://h5p.org/documentation/contributing/contribute-pull-requests). Anything else would be mere speculation on my end.

The H5P core team would need to answer your questions and/or update their documentation on how contributing to H5P is supposed to work (if really wanted).



Thanks Oliver for your explanations and your feedback.
Maybe we will have some answer from the H5P core team about those open issues you mentionned in your previous post.
Seing them restart or behing refused (with explanations) will guide all the community in the right direction (and help me, in my particular but shared case, to move forward in the support of HLS in H5P).
Best regards.

since the video hosting platforms I'm trying aren't working with H5P, could you recommend others that you've seen work with interactive video for me to use in Moodle?

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Hi Matheus,

I'm sorry I can't give any suggestions since you have very specific requirements for hosting your videos. Hopefully someone from the community may be able to provide some suggestions.


Hi BV52, as disscussed upper with Oliver, there is differents issues and Pull requests open about HLS support in H5P, that could solve Matheus and other's problems.
Are you part of the H5P core team ? If so, could you give us some feedback about the progress of those issues/PR ?
Thanks and best regards. Eric

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Hi EricG,

I've reached out with the developers but I can't promise anything. I'll update this thread once I hear from them. 


Hi BV52, thank you for your post.
I will watch this thread to see what's coming.
Best regards.