Yet another "what tool should I use" question

Hello all.

I am a SysAdmin administering Moodle at a small school, and I was tasked to evaluate H5P vs Scorm (our current solution - through iSpring Suite).

I believe H5P is the better choice and I'm advocating for the change, because it's being actively developped and should support more platforms (mobile, HTML5...), offers a more modern workflow and should be relevant for years to come whereas Scorm is less and less technically relevant.

But I'm a bit lost as to the implementations of H5P and I'd need help if I am to convince my colleagues of the choice of H5P.

I'm pretty sure about what we want : I'm just not sure it's realistic.

Basically, I'm looking for a H5P content creation tool that would be

1. Actively maintained for the forseeable future (doesn't need to be 'bleeding-edge', but, we need to know updates are coming, and will continue coming).
2. Allows us to keep 100% governance over our data (everything is hosted "in-house" in our firm).
3. Is (obviously) a great content creation tool that you vouch for :)
(4. Ideally free. We give to OpenSource projects we use each other year, but we like to choose what we pay. Not a no-go either.)

So, the second point kind of eliminates Lumi Cloud and for us (I think ?... willing to change my mind if I'm mistaken).

Anyway, what are our options ?

I know I'm asking for things I could answer with hours of testing, reading, so, thanks a lot in advance for your input.

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I am a little puzzled, to be honest. Because if you're using moodle in a halfway modern version (3.9+), then H5P is available to you already. It has been built into moodle since then, and you'll find it among the activity options of a course. It's actively developed, data remains on your server, the H5P editing experience in a narrow sense is the same on every platform and it's free and open source software.

If you don't like moodle's custom integration (some do, some don't), you can also install the H5P plugin for moodle which differs in a couple of aspects, but the answers to your question are the same.



Well, I was asking naively to get confirmations, but your answer is a confirmation in it's way too, thanks.

Also, I wondered what the view here was about wether to use the Moodle integration or plugin.

But again, from your answer, I grasp that there is no clear consensus there either.

You previousely pointed to this blog post :

Is it still relevant to try and make a choice between the two options ?

Thank you

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Hi alc-sight,

That page is still applicable but in no way the only resource you can use to help you decide which version to use. As a member of the H5P core team I will leave it up to the community to provide their own insights on this matter.


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There already is a lengthy discussion over at the moodle forums (

If I had to sum it up:

The custom integration that moodle has created works very well. It still seems to lack a couple of features that the H5P plugin offers (e. g. batch upgrade of existing content), but on the other hand adds a couple of interesting features that the H5P plugin does not have (e. g. linking to a content instead of creating copies in courses, automated updates of H5P libraries, or more options for keeping track of scores). The content bank that's used to host H5P content is loved by some, others don't like it very much.

Moodle HQ seems to have stated that they are going to continue improving their H5P integration, but it may not have high priority. H5P Group has released updates continuously, but only minor things were changed in the plugin recently.

The issue that's still an unknown is implementation of the H5P Hub into moodle's custom integration. Not having it will become a problem when (whenever that may be) H5P Group further integrates it into the H5P core and uses it for subcontent creation as well. When that happens and moodle does not implement the H5P Hub, then new content types will not run properly anymore. Maybe H5P Group could release an update on that topic? The idea of the tighter integration of the H5P Hub was uttered over 3 years ago  (



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Although alc-sight's initial question hasn't really been answered yet:
I am a SysAdmin and manage Moodle at a small school, and I have been tasked with evaluating H5P vs Scorm (our current solution - via iSpring Suite).

"I believe that H5P is the better choice and am in favour of the change because it is actively being developed and should support more platforms (mobile, HTML5...), offer a more modern workflow and be relevant for the next few years, while Scorm is technically less and less relevant."
So a question for alc-sight. Are you looking for arguments H5P vs scorm (which version?) or can you please be more specific with your entire question? 




Indeed, there were two questions in my initial post.

- Wether H5P was better than scorm, and
- Wether the Moodle integration was better than the H5P plugin

Regarding the former, I think we've made our choice to at least try and go with H5P. Scorm is still used a lot as far as I know, but it's an aging technology that shouldn't be maintained in any way now.
Regarding the latter, good points were given in the discussion here.

I suspect that at some point in time the Moodle integration will be the better choice but the way I understand it, it should be years from now. So we'll first work with the H5P plugin.

Thank you for your answers.