Missing Site UUID or Hub Secret.

Hello. My Moodle installation has been giving me the following message lately, which appears to be from H5p "missing site uuid or hub secret. Please check your hub registration". Do you know how to delete that message?

hub registration. Secret hub

Same here ...   On moodle 4.3 I got Missing Site UUID or Hub Secret. Please check your Hub registration.

We are having the same issue with 4.2.2. The suggested fix below just untethers it from the hub, which does not fix the problem. It just stops looking for the content, but the purpose for fixing this is so that we can utilize the H5P content. If you uncheck the suggested box, you will only be left with the ability to upload content instead of creating it on platform. Are there any other suggestions about how we can connect and register to the hub? Registration is being prevented by this error.

All you need to do is uncheck the option "Use H5P-hub. mod_hvp | hub_is_enabled" in the H5P settings in Moodle (.../admin/settings.php?section=modsettinghvp)

Maybe you will need to clear the server cash, but that should do it.


Instead of uncheck the option (that allow you update and download new H5P content, is unwise to disable) register and account. In the settings of H5P look for the link to create and account. It's in the bottom of that section. You should get a confirmation message, just over the previous error warning, as seen in the capture. 

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Thank you for the reply. I have attempted to register an account multiple times and get the following error, so I am unable to register. I have attempted to resolve with the host but they are claiming that I need to get direction from developers. 

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Hi Everyone,

Can you please provide the following:

  1. Moodle version
  2. H5P plugin version
  3. Screenshot of the issue
  4. Any recent changes before the issue occured (updates or new plugins installed).


1. Moodle 4.2.2

2. H5P 1.26.1

3. Screenshots attached - I think I attached them improperly last time. 4.This is a new download and build of Moodle hosted on Scala so no major changes other than creating a couple of courses and users has been done. If it matters, the moodle site is not registered with Moodle. I was advised by the consultant handling the installation on Scala to leave it that way. I modified the css to make small changes to the color pallette. Attempting to install this plugin is the only real change I've attempted to make. This build is for a small to midsize manufacturing company and the network (and security) is managed by an IT consulting firm. The issue I'm experiencing is directly related to the plugin not being able to connect to the hub. No other errors are occurring except for this uuid error and hub registration error though the plugin otherwise appears installed and is accessible from the activty/reources menu in edit mode. Thank you for your assistance. 
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If I recall correctly, I had this issue on Drupal as well when installing H5P plugin 7.x-1.53 (not on 7.x-1.51). So it might be some issue in H5P core or even an issue with the H5P Hub. Was something regarding Hub registration changed maybe? 

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Hi Otacke,

I'm not sure yet, I am still verifying with the devs. I'll post here any updates I will get.


Moodle Version is 4.1.8+

H5P Plugin Version 1.26.1

my first post with more Informations: https://h5p.org/comment/51373#comment-51373

h5p_1.jpg shows the error message after trying to register again on the hub
h5p_2.jpg shows the error messages when opening the lesson with interactive content
h5p_3.jpg shows the message "Loading, please wait ..." when opening the settings of the lesson
h5p_4.jpg shows the missing icon of the content type
h5p_5.jpg shows the window is too small when trying to change the content type
h5p_6.jpg shows the missing icons under Manage content types

the error message after calling admin/settings.php?section=modsettinghvp

Warning: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/proc/loadavg) is not within the allowed path(s): (/data/web/e111862/html/moodle_save:/data/web/e111862/phpsession:/data/web/e111862/phptmp:/tmp:/usr/bin) in /data/web/e111862/html/moodle_save/lib/moodlelib.php on line 9686

and this is also displayed in the lesson in which interactive content has been stored String does not exist.

String does not exist. Please check your string definition for common:insert/editor_tinymce
line 10764 of /lib/moodlelib.php: call to debugging()
line 1236 of /lib/outputrequirementslib.php: call to lang_string->__construct()
line 1272 of /lib/outputrequirementslib.php: call to page_requirements_manager->string_for_js()
line 32 of /lib/editor/atto/plugins/cloze/lib.php: call to page_requirements_manager->strings_for_js()
line 8064 of /lib/moodlelib.php: call to atto_cloze_strings_for_js()
line 130 of /lib/editor/atto/lib.php: call to component_callback()
line 432 of /lib/form/editor.php: call to atto_texteditor->use_editor()
line 499 of /lib/form/editor.php: call to MoodleQuickForm_editor->toHtml()
line 4888 of /lib/outputrenderers.php: call to MoodleQuickForm_editor->export_for_template()
line 3234 of /lib/formslib.php: call to core_renderer->mform_element()
line 430 of /lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/element.php: call to MoodleQuickForm_Renderer->renderElement()
line 1642 of /lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm.php: call to HTML_QuickForm_element->accept()
line 1996 of /lib/formslib.php: call to HTML_QuickForm->accept()
line 1685 of /lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm.php: call to MoodleQuickForm->accept()
line 445 of /lib/pear/HTML/Common.php: call to HTML_QuickForm->toHtml()
line 1027 of /lib/formslib.php: call to HTML_Common->display()
line 215 of /course/modedit.php: call to moodleform->display()

still same problem,  moodle 4.3 on windows server 2019

Site is missing a unique site uuid and was unable to set a new one. The H5P Content Hub is disabled until this problem can be resolved. Please make sure the H5P Hub is enabled in the H5P settings and try again later.

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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please provide the step by step procedure on how to reproduce the issue.


Since this is a new build for us, the only thing that I have done is follow the installation instructions for moodle from this H5P site and I asked Scala (host) to modify the php settings as recommended by the installation instructions. There are no other steps to report. The error screenshots are simply the result after following those instructions. It appears to continue to produce errors because I think it keeps trying to find the hub. 

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Hi rdoranfisher,

Thank you for the information. So are you seeing the error message on the H5P editor when creating contents?


I attached three different screenshots previously that shows where I see errors. One of them is in the editor where it says "no content types are available: Your site is having difficulties connecting to H5P.org and listing the available content types.

Good morning,

I have made a new attempt and upgraded my version 3.9.5 to 3.11.18, which is supposed to be necessary before upgrading to 4.x.

- Here is the procedure - as requested by BV52:
- create new directory
- moodle 3.11.18 download and unzip
- dataroot directory and config.php copied from old to new directory
- SqLDump from old MySql 5.7 DB imported into new MySql 8 DB
- config.php edited
- Plugins, which are not standard, downloaded and manually placed in the correct directories, because the installation option showed the following error message after checking the plugins:
Check mod_attendance ... Error
  [Error] Required Moodle version [2021051700]
Plugin check completed and database updated - everything is fine

Use H5P Hub under Dashboard / Website Administration / Plugins / Activities H5P / H5P Settings is/was activated - registration in old moodle version was present and also activated, is now no longer displayed.

Error message in the courses where active content is used: Missing Site UUID or Hub Secret. Please check your Hub registration - 4 times

The additional errors from my previous posts no longer appeared - I'll take responsibility for them, I probably did something wrong.

I can't do anything more now - and I'm very surprised that this error is not yet known to you in the H5P forum!

regards - Marco


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Hi Marco,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.


Im coming from a xompany which hosts moodles to clients and we have the same issue: Moodle 4.2.6 HVP: 1.26.1 (2023122500) We have the following issue: When we try to go to an hvp activity we get the error on the picture. If we refresh the page it will go away somehow. My client hasnt reported a problem when creating the hvp activity Just my input :)

Hi everyone!

H5P.com core team has looked into the main error reported here and detected the root cause of it. It does not appear to be breaking anything, just producing several error messages when it shouldn't.

We will try to address it in the next release of the Moodle plugin, but in the meantime, if you're installing the plugin manually, it is possible to remedy it yourselves. To do so, open the hvp/library/h5p.classes.php file and remove the error message set on line 3961. Here's the respective line in our Github repository - h5p-php-library/h5p.classes.php at f3579c0d28205bf34490ee151c07d43a2ffc3507 · h5p/h5p-php-library (github.com). Additionally, it should not appear if you have managed to successfully register on the hub.

The other problems reported seem to either be caused by something unrelated, or we have insufficient information to reproduce it, so, if you're experiencing something related that does have more negative side effects, please elaborate on how to reproduce it.

- Maris

I'm working with the host and they followed your instructions which has worked. However, we also discovered that the firewall is blocking the hub connection. Do you have an IP address we can whitelist?

Update: I'm leaving the above question and comment in case it helps others. Technical support for the host was eventually able to find the IP addresses needed to whitelist in the firewall. This along with the instructions from the development team have resolved the issue. Thank you for the assistance. I was able to register with the hub successfully and download the content types. 

When do you think you're ready with the new version of the plugin?

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Hi mikkeljeppesen,

We do not have any timeline when an update will be released.


Will this solution not affect the operation and updateability of the h5p? It seems reasonable, just comment on the line. Thanks. 

No, this workaround won't have any negative effects on any operations, nor will it affect the updateability.

- Maris

Thanks a lot.