How can i?

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I am using Wordpress.

How can i translate h5p files? My languale is Turkish. I wanna change some text. eg: B.C. (Before Christ)

E.g. for attachments image:

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Are yu interested in sharing your translations with the rest of the community? If so we'll provide you files with the english texts and you can translate them to turkisk. We add the translated files to the official version of H5P so that anyone may use them.

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Why not? I can try.

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Great! I've asked fnoks to provide the files.

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Ok. I am waiting.

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I'm still waiting 

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Yeah, fnoks computer crashed and among the few things that he didn't have a backup of was the script that generates the translation files. We're waiting for a device he've ordered that is able to connect his old hard drive to his new computer. It was the mother board that crashed...
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Oh sorry man. Ok. 


i could translate H5P in Italian, I can edit file.po (and in WordPress version...

But I wonder how can I translate it for Moodle. I have to wait for a plugin specific for Moodle?

Thanks and congratulations again for your project! 

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Thanks, yes, the H5P content types are to be translated here on and then it will be translated for all plattforms. We're just waiting for fnoks's hard drive to be available. The part we need should be here this week.

Thanks ;) 


I would like to translate H5P to Greek. Please provide the corresponding files and basic instructions.

Thank you

I can translate h5p to arabic...

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Great! The new release is out now, and we'll add the language files to be translated here soon.

Are you interessed ?

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Bonjour, je veux bien t'aider à traduire en français. Marie

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Hi Marie,

Thank you for your interest in contributing translations. Please visit this page for more details in translating contents.

Merci de votre intérêt pour les traductions. Veuillez visiter cette page pour plus de détails sur la traduction du contenu.


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Yes, indeed! We'll add the langugage files for translation soon.
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We're still waiting boss.


I could help translating in French. If you're interested.

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This is how you do it:

  1. Download the zip file for your language
  2. We recommend that you also leave a comment here so that others knows that you've started translating for a certain language
  3. Edit all the [languagecode].json files and translate the values (to the right of the colons] from english and into your language. The structure of the file, and the folder structure must be unchanged. Variables with a @ infront of them must not be translated. So if a string says "You got @score out of @maxscore correct" in german it will be "Sie haben @score von @maxscore gerade"
  4. Create a new zip of the folder structure when your done and upload it here, by doing this you agree to have your translations being distributed and changed by the H5P community and the rest of the world and also that the translation will be licensed the same way as the rest of the H5P libraries. Currently the MIT license is being used.

As new translations arrive we'll add them to new releases of the content types.

 EDIT: Translation files have been removed because they are outdated

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Thank you!

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Hi - I have started to make a translation Ingen Danish.

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Hi Lovskov

Are there any news on the translation into Danish?

My coworkers and I are having the same issues.

Thank you!



Hi, I am Sunny and I would like to contribute for Chinese (Traditional) translation. I may work on the Chinese (Simplified) later on. How can I help to get this done?

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Thank you for offering this. We haven't streamlined our handling of multiple languages yet, and we need the developers to generate translation files for you. We'll be in touch as soon as that has been done!

started arabic

Just a question please.

Should I replace any English phrase (or word) with my languge? For example, in the json file of the "h5p-appear-in" folder there are these words: "semantics", "label", "description"... Have I to translate also these words or the other phrases/words only? (example: "Name of the room")


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Important question! The values to the left of the colons (semantics, label, description etc) must not be touched, only the values to the right ("Name of the room")

Started Italian translation.

hi falcon,

I have completed the arabic translation to the best of my knowledge please do have a look at the attached files ..  I must say I have not understood how much work goes into developing the h5p framework until I have looked at this notice it is only the translation of labels, titles and descriptions ... I appreicate everyone working in developing so much more now.. 

this was an eye opening moment.. hope it helps and hope I can continue to contribute more to the translation in the near future for new content types...


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I had to move some of the escape characters in order for the JSON files to work. I don't think I've broken any of the texts.
In the future I would recommend running the file content through a JSON validator.

I've put the translations into the content libraries, and the should be published on the next release.

Thank you very much for you contribution.

I did notice that some of the special variables got translated as well: @score, @total etc. They need to stay the same across all translations to give the correct help text. Using the translated version of the variables won't work.
This needs to be fixed in the following libraries: h5p-mark-the-words, h5p-summary, h5p-drag-text, h5p-drag-text, h5p-boardgame and h5p-question-set.

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Thanks a lot! I've asked one of the developers to include the translations in the content types. You'll be informed when that has been done.

If a word is written as \"front page\" or as @score must it not be touched?

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Good question! \"front page\" may be touched, but if you want to quote something you must use \" instead of just ". @score must not be touched. It will be replaced with the actual score (as a number)

Oh oh, I translated all the content including @score, @precent basically all the values. ... Actually the @ symbole was pretty impossible to translate.. it misses up the letters... I will have to re/edit and upload soon...  Is there anything else to keep a look out for...


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Great, we'll be waiting for the next version with the @symbols added back. Sorry for not informing about this initially. Also make sure that you always use \" instead of " when you want " to appear in your texts. " alone should only be used at the beginning and end of the strings.

hi falcon and icc,

ok I updated the files, and I am so excited to see the next release and thank you all for you hard work.. 

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Excellent work farrisimin! I've updated the translations.

Everyone should note that in RTL languages the backslash should be placed after the quotation mark like so: "\  but only if used inside the text.
If the quotation mark is the last character it should be in front of it.  
e.g. "label": "تفعيل زر \"إظهار الحل\""

thank you icc its really a pleasure to contribute to such a wonderful project..

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Could you have a look at the following translations for the Course Presentation:
الترجمة لالنقاطالخاصة بك\"
الترجمة لالدرجة النهايئة\"

Are they correct? They do not make much sense when I put them into Google Translate.

Note that if you want to use a backslash in your text you must put in two, like so: \\

sure thing i will look at it asap and get back to you. 

hi icc,

attached the is the new file for cours presentation I had an error space was missing sorry..

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Very good! I've added the updated translations.

Thank you!

What is the location of the translations? I want to check if there is already a dutch translation.

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I think another community member has started on it. I'll try to make him contact you.
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Hi, i am working on the dutch translation. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to finish it. Göran Kattenberg ([email protected])

kindly are there any update for h5p  arabic and RTL 


It's completed, but I'll test it to check any translation errors.

For WordPress translation, have I to translate files .mo and .po?



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Very cool, thank you for contributing!

We'll be very happy if can get more translations for the WordPress plugin. 
You can copy or download the h5p-nb_NO.pot file to use as a starting point. The .mo file will be generated automatically if you use an editor like poedit, but you don't have to, I can generate the .mo file later.

Again, thank you very much.