Drag and drop - Flag to switch off the check and point counting

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Hi, we are using the "Drag and drop" content type for smaller children. 

In some cases, we have noticed it would be nice to just have a "switch flag" in the settings, which will 

1) prevent the "check" button from being displayed

2) prevent the "check marks" from being displayed (green check marks and red crosses)

3) prevent the point count from being displayed.

Everything else, would stay the same .. incl. hotspots etc. 

There will hence only be only button - the "Retry" button, which could have a customized text as "Rearrange". 

This way, children could move stuff around, onto hot spots etc. but not be "measured" as wrong or right. Have an interactive board, to 

Switching the flag back again, would re-introduce the check button, check marks and point counting. 

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Add option to remove scoring display
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Hi Allan

thanks for the great feature request. I can't promise that it would be done right away but I hope a developer from the community picks it up and contributes the code necessary to get it working. 

Best regards,


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Hi Allan,

As always, we have to weigh configurability against ease of use. And I think that the functionality you are asking for, is targeting a very spcialiced group of users,

But, I think it could be awesome to create a couple of new content types, directly targeting small children! If you, or someone else have some use cases, or ideas, please share them. #h5p4kids!


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would it be possible -like when being in edit mode i Power Point - to rotate objects for the kid's drag and drop?

The use case is: 

1) We give kis a basic set of geometisk objects (retangles triangles).

2) We ask to the build a shape

Example. We only provide 3 by 1 "retangles" and a triangle. We ask them to build a house, a giraf or something else that visually will look best if they try to rotate some of the objects. 





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is it possible (for convenience) to set a number-flag on each object to allow it to represent a stack of identical objects?

Use case example: 

1) We ask children to build shape from basic objects (e.g. retangles, circles, triangles). We place only these three types of objects on the canvas.

2) Say we want the children to build a brick house. We would like to only configure one basic brick but set a flag wih the value 50 in the settings. The effect would be that the system will place 50 identical copies on top of each other on the canvas. This will allow the children to simply take a brick from the stack and use it. It is technicall possible to simulate that with the current drag-and-drop, but very cumbersome. 




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Do you not find that this Behaviour setting does exactly what you want?

Infinite number of element instances: Clones this element so that it can be dragged to multiple drop zones.

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Infinite means that one cannot put a "create constraint" like "with a limited number of objects, please build X" .. We have spotted the infinite number og elements, but it quickly becomes a mess, because they just keep picking more elements :-) .. 

Best regards, 


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To me, this both sounds and feels like it should be a separate new content type. A very good suggestion, though, there are lots of details to work out for how it could work and how it should be used. 

Thanks Allan

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Thanks for your input, Allan! :)