"Image Sequencing" to be added as valid content for "Interactive Book", "Column" and eventually for "Question Set / Quiz"

Starting with H5P a while ago and getting more familiar with, I came to an point, that I miss s.th.

I like the use of the content type "Image Sequencing" (although not available in German, my mother language). Now I will combine several H5P files into an "Interactive Book" or a "Column", using Copy & Paste of the content like for a "Single Choice Set". But this is not possible - I cannot select the type "Image Sequencing".

Do I miss s.th. or is this a real new Feature Request?

Any help is appreciated!

Best regards, Andreas

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Hi Andreas!

Image Sequencing was not created by the H5P core team, but it was a contribution by Jithin Thankachan. That fact does not rule out integration into Joubel's content types (some of mine have been as well), but Jithin is not maintaining the content type anymore - even though it has a couple of issues that might need to be addressed. Therefore, I doubt that the H5P core team wants take over responsibility for Image Sequencing on top of all the content types that they are maintaining already, so it's probably rather unlikely it's going to find its way into Column (automatically in InteractiveBook then) and QuestionSet.