Download Libraries for Moodle + H5P in Offline environment

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We use "Moodle v3.1.8" in an isolated offline environment to create course content for our clients.
I have just installed the "H5P (release v1.7)" plugin and now looking for a way to install all of the libraries.

From what I understand I can download and install them one-by-one however writing to ask if there is a way to install all libraries at once?

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Hi BV:

I will download the Interactive Book you made....

Any chance you can make another downloadable content that has all of the other Libraries?  Then everyone could just install your 2 pre-made H5P contents and have ALL of the content libraries installed on their server!

Thanks again BV for all your help!





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Hi Joe,

I'd love to however I can't. The content types that are not included in Interactive Book are also not included in other complex content type (i.e. Branching Scenario). So there is no faster way to install the other content types except clicking the "get" button in the Hub or download/uploading the sample contents.


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Hi BV:

No problem--your interactive book helped load in a bunch, so I just had to update the rest by hand....eventually it would be nice if there was an easier way for admins to have the libraries be automatically updated....

Thanks again for all your help and support!