Hide the "Proceed" button on the module "scenario branching"

Hi, e teacher ask me if it is possible to hide the "Proceed" hutton in the "Scenario branching" module ? Thanks

Bonjour, un enseignant me demande s'il est possible de masquer le bouton "Continuer" dans le module "Scenario branching" ?



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Hi pbernier!

Yes (cmp. https://www.olivertacke.de/labs/2019/09/04/an-unexpected-demo/ for a demo, there for Fill in The Blanks), but the H5P core team will have to find the time to review it.



I would like to disable the option of the back and proceed buttons in branching scenario, not only change their content in the translation menu. I am not sure how to use the link you shared otacke. Would it be possible to disable the back and proceed buttons on branching scenario and insert a "Go to slide" option in all the content available? 

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Thank you! 

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If you want to add/disable the back button: You can do that now in the settings of the latest official version of Branching Scenario. If you remove the proceed button, doesn't the content type use its purpose?



Thank you otacke, I see now how to remove the back button. I understand that the proceed button is necessary for the functioning of the branching scenario. My problem is with the aesthetics, location and size of the button. I was wondering if it would be possible to adjust it, or use the option of "go to slide" instead, where there is room to taylor the button and included in the course presentation slide/image hotspot/video/etc. 

Thank you! 


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Hi Mireia!

I fear someone from the H5P core team will have to answer that. They are the developers of Branching Scenario.


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Hi Mireia,

Currently moving the proceed button or using a different function is not possible. I do see the merit on how this can provide other dimensions in using the Branching Scenario. Having said this I have moved this post to the Feature Request forum.


Thank you BV! 

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The addition of the back button and restrict progress were amazing features added, they really change the game with what the branching scenario can do. I'm normally the person that argues against locking content and allowing for free navigation, but last week I found Oliver's escape room example by accident and see so much potential with how the fill in the blank question was the trigger to unlock the proceed button. 

I've been experimenting this week with how the restrict progress feature works, and while it works well for videos and pretty well for the course presentation I felt that the addition of restricting progress until a correct answer was achieved would be a very useful feature. I understand right now there is no fill in the blank that can be inserted as a stand alone node in the branches, and therefore could not lock the progress based on answers. So I thought maybe I could use surface mode to hide the navigation on the presentation, but that disabled the restrict progress feature. 

It could function several different ways, but the feature itself is one I think a lot of people would get use out of, and I can't think of another H5P type that so perfectly fits the escape room idea. 

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Glad you like that one. A certain someone suggested to keep https://github.com/h5p/h5p-branching-scenario/blob/b2b6ad61b885e02f7f631f9ce55fa715b2c2731c/scripts/libraryScreen.js#L866-L877 in the code, so technically Branching Scenario should already be prepared to prevent progression for other content types that, like most, send an xAPI statement of "completed" or "answered" when the user is done. There would need to be some extra handling to check for successful completion though if you'd want to be sure that the user found the right answer. Not complicated. Adding other content types is not difficult either, but each one will require thorough testing. Not sure if the core team has enough free resources next to all the other things that they are doing.


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Hi Oliver, 

I was poking around the old GitHub version where I thought you had introduced the prevent progress feature and recall seeing the "completed" or "answered" elements. I will give that a try!