Missing dependency in several content types

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our CI pipelines in h5p-nodejs-library which perform tests with examples from the H5P Hub suddenly broke yesterday. I've investigated and found out that this is caused by a missing library dependency in several content types:

  • Branching Scenario
  • Column 
  • Course Presentation
  • Interactive Video

In all of them there is a reference to H5P.Image-1.0 in content.json but this library is not included in the package! There's only H5P.Image-1.1, which doesn't work, obviously. In the past, I circumvented this issue by simply installing all content types from the Hub before running the tests. Somewhere in one of the packages on the Hub the H5P.Image-1.0 library was still included. It looks like it was removed yesterday and now it's not possible to freshly download the content types from Hub and get a working H5P installation.



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Hi Sebastian!

Not sure where you're getting these dependencies, but you can get previous versions of the Image library from github, of course.


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Hi all,

the dependencies were in content.json of the h5p packages that could be downloaded from the H5P Hub. It looks like this has been resolved by the core team, as our tests pass again! Thanks for the quick reaction!