Interactive video format not supported


I'm using an interactive video - which clearly states that it surpports Vimeo - however when I copy over the URL - I get an unknown format.  Anyone else know how to fix this?


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hi - vimeo is not supported ,  Anyone know why?

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Hi janne.butcher,

This page should explain why this is not working and how to make it work ;-)



thanks for the thread - the page looked promising.  I was able to bring over the High Def Link, and then it accepted the source, however I still get a big black Video Format not supported.  any ideas?

Hello BV, same issue here.

I have a Vimeo Pro account and I followed all the steps here.

I got my direct link to the mp4 file, as in this picture:


This is the link:

My H5P plugin on Moodle could recognize immediately the mp4 format (see picture)


But when I start to add interaction to my video I get a "Video format not supported" error, like this.


I also tried to use set privacy on Vimeo allowing everybody to access and to embed the video (usually I use private links and I limit embedding possibilities to the domains of my University). Nothing changed.


Any suggestion?

Thank you very much!




PS: I interacted with this old post because I can not access the forum or the comments on the page on Documentation. I can log in to my profile, but the website logs me out every time I change page...

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It seems that vimeo is not giving out the direct link anymore, but only a preliminary one. If you open it in your browser, it will forward you to which is the direct link that you can use. I am not entirely sure though that this is a "stable" link that will be valid indefinitely.



Thank you very much for your answer.

Vimeo is still producing these links:


However, when you paste them into your browser, they change the way you noticed. I suppose this is normal and unrelated to the issue.

Also using these "second step" links in my interactive video I cannot solve the problem.

Any idea?

Many thanks!



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I don't have any trouble using the resolved links, see for



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Hi daniele,

I can confirm what Oliver mentioned, I can also use all 3 links that you provided without any issues.


Hello, thank you very much for your answers. It seems that the bug (probably a missing plugin or some too restrictive permissions) is inside our Moodle installation.

I tried again and I succeeded using the file on sandbox, while everything remain the same on my Moodle. Please have a look to the demonstration:

I will involve our IT department to better understand what is happening. Now I'll challenge the BIG issue... H5P and MS Stream... (answer: not possible).

Thank you very much to all!



I have a problem with my course, all the videos could be uploaded correctly without problems and they were seen properly. But, for some time now, every time the page has a lot of traffic, the videos are demaged with "video format not supported" 

What we do when this happens is delete the video and re-upload it and it immediately fixes itself. But we have to be there 24/7 for any eventuality, because users are having a bad experience.

We don't know what to do, how we can correct it.

We only know that when the site has low activity nothing happens, but as soon as it has a lot of traffic a video is damaged. I clarify that not all are damaged at the same time.

Hopefully they can help us with a solution


I clarify that the platform we use is Moodle and that the videos are uploaded in MP4 but converted to interactive videos.


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Hi Giselle,

Would you mind reposting this in the bug reports forum. Please provide as much information that is requested in that forum.