Branching Scenario

Branching Scenario

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Branching Scenario is awesome been playing around with it! 

But please please please please please update the editors with decent things! 

Adding of images in the text editors, and just the normal things editors have! I can’t seriously think of using h5p long term until the basics are there!  

in branching scenario would be awesome if we could add column, or iframe embedder! because at the moment you only get a choice for a image or text, without going the course presentation route. If column had pagination it would also be a massive help! 

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Video format not supported in some content types


I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for that, but I've encountered a problem using external mp4 video in some content types:

I'm trying to use an externally hosted .mp4 video in branching scenario, course presentation or interactive video. However, I always encounter the error message "video format not supported". The video does work, however, when I add a "video" in the column content type. The video also works just fine when I embed it in normal html5 web pages...