Branching Scenario

Branching scenario - static answers


I'm trying to create some content with the branching scenario. There are branching questions with one right and one wrong answer which will lead you to another question. Unfortunately now the first answer is always the right one because I was hoping that the answers can be mixed up automatically. Am I overlooking something or do I  have to rearrange the answers by myself? That would complicate the concept of the exercise a lot.

Thnaks in advance!

Allow for modification of button text in intro & ending screens (branching scenario)

In the branching scenario, I’d like to be able to customize the interactive button text on the start and end screens from the authoring tool (vs having the know code).  Unless I missed it in the settings?  So, instead of “Start the Course,” I’d like to modify it as I might want this to be presented as something other than a course, like maybe for a game (e.g. “Enter the door”).  Same for the end scenario screen (modify “Restart the course” text).  Just having the default text say “Start” and “Restart” would be great if user modification isn’t an option.

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Branching scenario - make the start and end button texts adaptable

I would be able to use the Branching Scenario content type for a number of applications, if only the start button text "START THE COURSE" would be adaptable. 

Recently I created a simple decision tree for teachers at our university, helping them to decide if and how a certain publication can be used in online education.