Branching Scenario

Video content and CDN


H5P has been working great for us so far on our Wordpress site.

Recently we explored creating braching scenarios using videos. After playing with the three video player options (youtube, vimeo pro, self-hosted) we determined that self-hosted was the best user experience in terms of controls. 

However test users experience lag / stuttering / buffering in the video playback.

Normally videos we load to our site are actually delivered by our CDN, KeyCDN. However the H5P videos are not - they are coming straight off the server.

Branching scenario failing to preview or load Wordpress site

I have created a reasonably complex branching scenario with scoring within my Wordpress site (version 5.3). It was displaying and previewing for the first few levels of branching but now that I have built the whole scenario it won't preview and I can't get it to display from the H5P Content list.

The error message I get in Explorer (version 11.476.18362.0) is ' is not responding due to a long running script'.