Branching Scenario

Full Screen in Branching Scenario

Im developing a system solely for in house use but the problem is there are too many options to be able to see them all in the box. Even in full page, depending on the resolution, there are too many and no scroll option?

Is there a workaround to allow the screen to be scrollable either in full screen or in the embed?

Branching Scenario: summary of responses?


I'm using the Branching Scenario content type to create a self-evaluation test similar to this subsidised training eligibility checker. I'm not sure that this is the best tool for this project but I'm not sure of anything better...

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Quotation to improve Branching scenario and-or Course presentation with iframe embeder



I would like to know if it could be possible to add iframe embedder in course presentation & branching scenario, in order to use them in Moodle.

(The goal is to to be able to use some Moodle activity with iframe in H5P (course presentation & / or branching scenario), to allow for example to upload an odt, doc or ods xls in a assignment activity embedded in H5P - please note that this solution maybe need that Moodle could give iframe url of these activities, we are investigating this, and this is not asked for this quotation).