Branching Scenario

How can I edit a library


Hello everyone,

I was wondering how I can edit a library. For example, what I wanted to do, was to remove the end screen of the Branching Scenario Library. I'm using Wordpress and I tried to edit files in the following path: /wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries/H5P.BranchingScenario-1.1/scripts

but none of the changes seem to apply. I then noticed that cached files are created in the path: /wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets

Branching Scenario


The 'branching scenario' has a few content options which you can drag to your 'workbook'

I could not however paste other content types.  For example, I created 'dialog cards' copied this content to the clipboard but then I could not paste this content to the 'branching scenario.'

Is there anyway to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help

How to not show scores, summary and stars?


I am new to H5P. I work on Wordpress using the H5P plugin.

My first attempt is with the 'branching' scenario. I added interactive video and it does work.  Trouble is I want to hide scores, I do not want to give any visual feedback for correct/incorrect answers not even color and/or  icons.  I just want to show the questions and branch according to the answer without any feedback of correct/incorrect.