Getting feet wet

Putting together my first interactive video. created the video but when I go to put it in a page it errors out with this message.   when I go back to check the h5p content I get the same error

Any ideas??

WordPress version 5.4


Current theme: Vantage (version 1.14.5)

Current plugin: H5P (version 1.15.0)


PHP version 7.4.4


Error Details


Markdown support

It will be nice to be able to have a basic style editing tool, such as Markdown. Some times, in a text we have to have bold or titles or ...

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Changing/Developing H5P-Editor libraries



I am currently trying to create a new editor widget but am becoming a little frustrated by 
continuously having to follow the same procedure for a single "debug" (incrementing the editor widgets version, the main libraries version, change the library folder names accordingly, pack and upload the .h5p file...).

I know how I can create a local developing environment with node.js when working with runnable libraries,
but is there anything similar or some other advice on how to make the development of editor libraries more efficient?