Missing content types in self hosted Column


I noticed that on there are 9 content types available in Column that are not available on the version of Column I have on my self hosted site:

  • Accordion
  • Collage
  • Documentation tool
  • Iframe Embedder
  • Image Hotspots
  • Find the Hotspot
  • Memory Game
  • Question Set
  • Timeline

I've got a bunch of content on that I'm planning to remake on a self hosted site. I was wondering if there were plans to include these content types in the Column version of H5P available for Drupal.

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Pictures size in "column" activities

Hi! I am creating different activities using H5P and displayed via Moodle. I usually work with the Column and then introduce images + different kind of exercises. The images, however, appear to be SO big and I would like them to be displayed in a small size. I tried reducing the picture but I only get a pixelated one with the same big size. Is there a way to configure it into a smaller size? Thanks a lot,