Audio Fit to wrapper not displayed in Column (Chrome only)


I’ve found after the latest update that almost all audio files in Column with “Fit to wrapper” checked are not displayed in Chrome (version 70.0.3538.102): 

I have uploaded to an example with Column and Audio created on our WordPress production site: 

Column bottom part not displayed


I have a strange problem after updating the H5P plugin to the latest version: 
I can’t see video controls nor the bottom bar on load for some H5P activities, but when I resize the window these elements reappear, and they disappear again on refresh. To illustrate it, I’ve created a short video: 

Integrate 'Questionnaire' into 'Column' and 'Course Presentation'

Irmgard's picture

I just discovered the content type 'Questionnaire' (haven't seen it before because it's currently not part of our H5P integration in Moodle). It seems to be extremely useful, especially for research projects.  The content type 'Questionnaire' is currently not supported (integrated into) by the Content types 'Column' and 'Course Presentation'.  It would be great if 'Questionnaire' would be supported by both 'Column' and 'Course Presentation'. This would enable me to integrate it in a 'sleek' way into one single 'package'.



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