Column iframe embedder (WordPress)

Is there a way to embed a H5P content using Column iframe embedder in WordPress? I'm trying to embed a Speak the Words Set (or any other activity which is not present in Column) into column with URL from embed code (, but it says: "Content unavailable", however, I can access this content type from this URL in browser.  

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Direct URL to Moodle page with H5P content redirects to login page

Would you have any idea why a direct URL link to a H5P activity (column) on Moodle doesn’t work? We want to be able to email users a direct link/post the link on social media etc. This bug seems to occur for all H5P content types on our Moodle site.

If you click on this link it will redirect to the login page (but you shouldn’t need to login to view this page and resource)

Embed Essay in Column/Question set

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Is there anyway to add it such that Essay types apper in Column?  

It would then allow us to have multiple open-ended questions in one H5P content type and show them all in the scroll. We would be VERY, VERY grateful. 

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