Update column pbms


I am using H5P under Moolde 3.6.

I have some contents using Columns and mainly text and interactive video in it.
I have updated some content types, then some of the colums instance does not display their contents anymore.

As column content is proposing an update also, I update, but I get the error in the attached screen.

Any help/idea ?


no embed button in column with a bulleted list that is manually formatted


I found out that if I use a bulleted list in a column (text) format and especially when I manually adjust it for spaces, etc, I will not get the embed code for the item (when display embed code is checked).

I work in WP, Firefox, desktop version.

My Best,


Moodle - Maximum Grade

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question relating to Moodle. On the content creation/editing page for a H5P acitivty, there are two fields under GradeGrade to pass and Maximum Grade.

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