Editing not possible in Column

1. By creating a column I've inserted a course presentation. In this presentation I want to add a table. I'm not able to edit the table unless I first click on "update". Then the mask for editing a table appears but I'm not able to edit anything (see GIF). The page updates without my changes. The same happens when adding a link.

2. Wordpress Version 5.4

3. Desktop

4. Opera

5. H5P Plugin Version 1.15.0

6. Content Type Column (cf. attachment)


Thank you


Better UX (more compact screen)

Now, if we use one type of activity, all is nice and easy to find and work with.

The problem is, if we use the Column, the concatenation of exercises makes complicate the navigation.

Maybe if Column is activated the content will be more compress or organise in a way that makes easy to read an navigate

Look the pictures, a full screen with just empty space or just 2 lines of information. Imagine a situation with 10 different activities together.. the scroll would be insane.


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Content Change Tracking

Hi All

Apologies if this has been answered I had a look around the forum briefly but couldnt see an answer.

Has anyone managed to come up with a way to easily track content changes to show front end users when the page H5P content was last modified.Im looking for a solution that would basicly display the last modified date in the front end so users could easily see when the most recent update was. It owuld also be great if we could display the content ID number with it, as it would make tracing errors and tracking changes into a type of version control.

Any ideas???