Moodle plugin - Cannot edit or create Question sets or Columns - throws errors

Environment:  Moodle 3.9, running latest H5P plugin (2020020500) and latest libraries (refreshed nightly, via CRON)

Summary: At some point last week, certain H5P activity types such as Question Set (1.17.2) and Column Column (1.12.0) stopped being editable and started throwing errors (details lower).   These activities have dependencies on other libraries.

You can no longer create new activities of these same types.  

Problems to install Column

Brothers : Firefox and Chromium

H5P : 1.20.2

LMS : Moodle 3.8.2+ (Build: 20200408)

Theme : Moove

I have already installed several H5P modules but I cannot install the column module.

The installation starts then the page refreshes but nothing appears and impossible to save, only the Cancel button is clickable.

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H5P content embeded on labels not displaying

Hi everyone, 

We have been working with H5P for a good few months and we are now experiencing something that for us is a big issue. 

We use H5P in Moodle and we are creating the content in a column, using the stealth mode in Moodle and embeding the content into a label to display directly in the course page. 

When we are creating the content everything looks good, all content is displayed but for our students that is not the case. A lot of our students are reporting that there is no content to see when they log in to the course.