Column activity in interactive content

Hello everyone. thanks for your authentic support. I use column activity in the interactive content category to create multi-tasks for my learners. but I faced some issues two days ago. i can not create an interactive videos; for example, drag the words or other tools together right now. it is necessary to say that I use moodle 4.0.

I would be delighted if you could solve my problems to help me meet all needs of the learners

Note: Deleted email and phone number

"Image Sequencing" to be added as valid content for "Interactive Book", "Column" and eventually for "Question Set / Quiz"

Starting with H5P a while ago and getting more familiar with, I came to an point, that I miss

I like the use of the content type "Image Sequencing" (although not available in German, my mother language). Now I will combine several H5P files into an "Interactive Book" or a "Column", using Copy & Paste of the content like for a "Single Choice Set". But this is not possible - I cannot select the type "Image Sequencing".

Do I miss or is this a real new Feature Request?

Any help is appreciated!

Best regards, Andreas

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