Single Choice Set in a Column does not generate an Attemps report


I just used a Single Choice Set in a Column. That does not generate an Attemps report. Is that something by design? Or is that a bug in my Moodle with H5P Core?
If it is by design, does there exist a list of types that generate an Attemps report when they are inside the container H5P’s (Column, Interactive Book, Course Presentation …)? Or do I have to find out by trial and error?
Thank you for the information.




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I have been using H5P in my Wordpress site for years. The plug-in to use h5P in the site is updated. 

Since a couple of days, single contents that normally can be used inside columns or Interactive books are not more available within this type of contents. I mean, I can use (for example) Fill in the blank alone, but I cannot find it in the menu list that are available in a Column or in an Interactive book.

Any suggestion on why this happens and how I could solve the problems are appreciated.

Paolo Bravi

Possible to easily add small images/videos in Column and Interactive Book? And small videos in Question Set?

Could it be possible to easily add small images in Column and Interactive Book? Now any image we insert will immediately become screen wide, with a great height.

It would also be very useful if the size of videos could really be chosen. Now there is only the choice between all available space and the video aspect ratio. We are unable to show a video in a small frame.

We just tried to insert a video with a small height and width in a Question Set. Here, too, the video is irrevocably enlarged. 


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