iframe Embedder with Vimeo in iOS


I know the Vimeo domain privacy issue has been discussed here several times. I'm using Vimeo pro however I don't want to use video direct link as H5P reveals it in the inspect element. Plus Vimeo benefit besides transcoding is domain-level privacy. 

So I'm using h5p Column with iFrame Embedder and a quiz. This works fine on Desktop. I able to embed Vimeo videos with this URL in iframe embedder activity;

Editing not possible in Column

1. By creating a column I've inserted a course presentation. In this presentation I want to add a table. I'm not able to edit the table unless I first click on "update". Then the mask for editing a table appears but I'm not able to edit anything (see GIF). The page updates without my changes. The same happens when adding a link.

2. Wordpress Version 5.4

3. Desktop

4. Opera

5. H5P Plugin Version 1.15.0

6. Content Type Column (cf. attachment)


Thank you