How to Send Score on Column activity?


I have a column activity where I put multiple activities, mostly fill in the blanks after Presentations and Interactive videos. After the student completes Fill in the Blanks and I look up the Gradebook I see Este usuario aun no ha enviado una respuesta al H5P which indicates no Score was sent. However the Documentation Tool does work and sends the answers, when the student answers a Documentation Tool, all the scores for all the activities inside the Column, it works.

Image Sequencer in Column Via IFrame Embedder

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I am advising a faculty member using H5P in Pressbooks trying to use the Image Sequencer content type in an H5P Column, it is not one of the available content types.

There is a suggestion here to use the iframe embedder using the src="" option from the embed. I created a separate Image Sequencer in my library, and the frame src looks like


Adding images to the Accordion content type

There have been several of these feature requests in the forums over the past months and years. There is also an open issue requesting this feature in the h5p-accordion content type repository @ GitHub. Furthermore there are pull requests that seemingly are not seeing the traffic that I would expect :D. Thus I'm opting to open this topic; let's discuss on how to get this feature in the content type! Because I would love to use imagery (or other content types) within the collapsible sections of the Accordion :D

How can we get PR41 rolling? How can I help?

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