2006 MySQL server has gone away Error while saving H5P content

I'v no problem on my own local server with H5P on Drupal 8, it works perfectly. But with the same installation on the shared Hosting (Hostinger) I work with, I can use all H5P Content except Branching Scenario, Column, Course Presentation, Image Pairing, Interactive Book. I have changed any PHP parameters I can change (because of the limitation of Sharing Hosting) :

Column doesn't accept Image Hotspots


when trying to paste a  Image Hotspots content (v1.9.3) into Column (v1.13.0) you get an error: "The content in the clipboard is of higher version(1.9) than what is supported in this context (1.8), if possible try to get this content updated first, and then try pasting the content here again."

Updating did not help: there's no newer version of Column. 

2. Platform is Moodle 3.5

3. on desktop

4.with Chrome browser

5. H5P plugin version 1.21.0

6. Column 1.13.0, Image Hotspots 1.9.3




cannot see submitted attempts in Embed

Hi, I created a column with text and a single choice question, and embeded it directly on Moodle. However, if students complete the question directly from the embedded frontpage, I cannot see the submitted responses. If students complete the question by opening the H5P activity, I can see the submitted responses. Any idea on this? I really would like to embed the important question on the front page so students wouldn't miss it. Thanks!!