Embed Essay in Column/Question set

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Is there anyway to add it such that Essay types apper in Column?  

It would then allow us to have multiple open-ended questions in one H5P content type and show them all in the scroll. We would be VERY, VERY grateful. 

thank you.



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Please be aware that most users using ad blockers cannot see a lot of your H5P content as of maybe yesterday.

It appears that h5p content that uses Column is now being blocked since it works with iframes. Check your content.

Edit: This list in question is EasyList

Static filter ##iframe[src="about:blank"] found in: 


Edit 2 Fix: Find the iframe code in your installation and change src="about:blank" to src=""

In Drupal, this is in h5p.module on line 686. needs to do this as well since your Column example is broken with ad blockers.

Incredibly critical issue with Ad blockers killing h5p iframe content, even the example for Column

I've seen responses about not being able to reporduce. Trust me, it's absolutely happening.

With ublock origin enabled, there is no column on that page.


Basically, all development needs to go to fixing this since adblockers are so common. This is an unmitigated disaster for h5p if large swathes of users just think pages are broken.


Edit: This list in question is EasyList