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Hi All,

in the 'drag the words' content type, is there a way to manipulate the spacing between the end of the sentence and the column of words? There is a huge gap, and with longer sentences the words dissappear from the screen. Eg, is it possible to make columns? I tried to make a table in Word and then paste that in the text frame, but that gave inconsistent results...

Wide-Screen Bug in DragText 1.6

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My problem is, that the text in wide-screen mode is not left to the draggable words.

I found out, what is different to DragText 1.5 and made pictures to show the problem and solution in code, but my knowledge of javascript is not good. So i can not change the code.

Can you help?

Please look at the pictures, that i attached!



While working on Drag the Words or Fill in the blanks, I noticed that the editor is a bit too limited or not even there. I wanted to make two columns, so the layout was prettier. Eventually, I could make it work without it, too, but it would be way easier to just click and then have two columns. 

I tried to do it with codes (<>), but it didn't work either.

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