Interactive Video

'not authorized to access this page' with interactive video upload


I made an interactive video and needed a second (changed) version of based upon this work. So I downloaded the file and uploaded it when creating the new content. There I changed the video and some interactions, and all worked great. However, when I'm not logged in, I cannot see this new content that I based upon other content: 'You are not authorized to access this page.'. This happens in all browsers.

Here is the link to the interactive video:

Auto Play Video



I am trying to make intercative vdeo to play automaticaly when my moodle activity page load. I tried the below code in my custom.js file. But it seems to be not working. Any help appreciated.

(function ($) {
    $(document).ready(function () {


Show "loading" indicator for Interactive Video

I'm creating Interactive Videos with some fairly large videos hosted on Vimeo, and in some cases I'm finding the videos take 10+ seconds to finish buffering and show within the player. During that time, the start screen title and play button show, but clicking on the play button simply makes the start screen disappear. This is obviously confusing to users, who then stare at a blank video player for a number of seconds until it finally starts playing.

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