Interactive Video

allow 1) reuse of content that was developed in an interactive video. 2) insertion of existing content into videos.

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Hello H5P Community, 

I wonder if this has been addressed.  I believe it would be extremely useful to save content developed for interactive videos as standalone .H5P .

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Linking between to interactive videos.

I have just started using H5P editor, uploaded sample video, added some interactions. Now I wonder if you can do direct linking between two H5P videos.

So, for example I've got two videos. On Video A I place link, which will point to Video B. On Video B there is "Back" button. Now, I've done it with links interaction, but it have some drawbacks - everytime the user clicks on link it is opened in new tab, and loaded video is not autoplayed. I'm trying to change only player's video source and play it from beggining.