Interactive Video

YouTube Video Captions only appear for instructor

We must have captions on videos in order to comply with Accessibility laws in the U.S. After uploading a YouTube video having captions into an H5P activity, an instructor sees the captions but students do not see the captions. How can we get the captions to appear for students?

This is a critical issue for us and the only workaround (and a poor one) I can think of, through Moodle, is to add the students to the instructor role for the activity which degrades the integrity of the questions asked for the H5P module.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a resolution?

Invalid library for Interactive video (Wordpress)


After last two updates of H5P WP plugin (current version is 1.7.12) & interactive video lib update (current version 1.15.0) when I try to create new interactive video I get the error message "Invalid library." when I click "Create" button. I'm trying to create interactive video from mp4 file - no tasks, no summary, just video. The interactive video with exactly the same mp4 file works well (was created in previus versions of plugin&lib).

Please, help!


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