Interactive Video

H5P xAPI Issues


I have H5P on Drupal Hooked up to Learning Locker (LL) using the TinCan Bridge.

The statements are showing up in LL but I am getting a mix of Annonymous and Identified statements when playing Interactive Video content

Here is a list of statements that shows up when I view and play the Interactive Video and answer a question in it and scrub to the end of the video.

Note the mix of "Annonymous" & "Damien Murphy" statements even though I am the only person doing this.

"Interactive Audio"


I'm new here and hope I'm following the correct forum rules for posting. If not, please let me know and I'll be happy to post correctly.

Feature Request: The interactive Video option but using audio and a simple "poster image" that takes the place of the video. This would be where the interactive objects show up. If anyone knows a way to merely extend the current feature, then please advise or let me know where to start in the docs/developer section.

Download button disappeared - interactive video

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I noticed that in the most recent interactive videos that I made, the "download" option doesn't appear at the bottom, it used to by default. I also don't see it in the settings when I edit. I'm attaching a screenshot, and here is one of the nodes affected: