Speak the Words in Question sets / Multiple words as sets

As a language teacher, I really love the new Speak the Words content type, but I have got a feature request which will make the content type even more useful.

New vocabulary is usually taught an learned in units or sections, which means that learners learn a group of new words and not just one word at a time. Currently, I can only ask for one word of phrase. This means that if students should learn a set of 10 new words, I will have to create 10 individual h5ps, each including the single new vocab ...

Documentation Tool


I think it would be good if the documentation tool would enable the user (or implementer) to change the name of the exported file. For example, if a teacher wants a group of students to complete a document on Topic X, when the document is exported, the file could be named accordingly - as opposed to "exported-text". 

(A potential case: A junior high classroom with shared computers. If multiple students use a single computer, they could potentially submit the incorrect file)



Timeline with no date

The timeline is an excellent resource and could so easily be used to display lots of other sequential information but the necessity for a YEAR at the moment makes this difficult. A duplicate feature like the timeline but instead not date dependent - SequenceLine - where instead of a date there could be a sequence of numbers eg: step 1, step 2... or letters A, B, C... this would be very useful.

This would allow processes to be created on a timeline that happen on an annual rolling basis to be more easily created without having to edit the dates every year for example.