Quiz (Question Set) --> drag text --> add media

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The 'Quiz (Question Set)' content type allows users to add questions of several content types.

Most of them have the option to add media as part of the question (image, video).  However, the 'Drag Text' content type does not have the media upload option....I wish it did.    Please see attached images.

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Track the results of anonymous visitors

Currently, only the results of authenticated users seems to be tracked. It would be great if there was an option to track the results of all visitors, including anonymous visitors.


When h5p nodes are embedded from a drupal site that does not require authentication to view content, the results of users viewing the content or embed is not tracked.

Possible solutions:

Show "loading" indicator for Interactive Video

I'm creating Interactive Videos with some fairly large videos hosted on Vimeo, and in some cases I'm finding the videos take 10+ seconds to finish buffering and show within the player. During that time, the start screen title and play button show, but clicking on the play button simply makes the start screen disappear. This is obviously confusing to users, who then stare at a blank video player for a number of seconds until it finally starts playing.